Biomedical Metrology Time Analysis and Digitalization

SEZDİ M. , Sezdi N. I.

IEEE International Symposium on Medical Measurements and Applications (IEEE MeMeA), İstanbul, Türkiye, 26 - 28 Haziran 2019 identifier identifier


In this paper, the calibration time of medical devices were analysed and it was studied to obtain a quantitative parameter for inspection of biomedical metrology services. So that, it is aimed that the biomedical calibrations performed by the biomedical metrology service providers may be controlled. The time of the total metrology service can be calculated by allocating the calibration time of each item of medical device. The calibration time was analysed by considering the electrical safety measurements. In the result, it was seen that the time spending for calibrations are not short, and the health institutions must plan their calibration schedules. By digitalization, the calibration time may be shorter and both the biomedical metrology service providers and the health care institutions may have advantages.