Forest Products Trade between Turkey and Southern Caucasian Countries


International Caucasian Forestry Sempozyum, Türkiye, 1 - 04 Ekim 2013, ss.277-286

  • Basıldığı Ülke: Türkiye
  • Sayfa Sayıları: ss.277-286




Forest Products Trade between Turkey and Southern Caucasian Countries


Tuğba Deniz1, Taner Okan2


1Res. Asst., Istanbul University, Forest Faculty, Forestry Economics Department, 2Asst. Prof., Istanbul University, Forest Faculty, Forestry Economics Department

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Abstract: Foreign trade volume and particularly the exportation are considered as important factors for countries to achieve the level of sustainable development. Also, one of the strategies to increase exportation is to establish policies aiming at the promotion of regional trade with neighboring countries. In this context, "Strategy for developing trade with Neighboring and Nearby Countries” was put into effect in Turkey in 2000. According to this strategy, one of the regions where the new instruments will be used for the development of trade is the Caucasus.

              Geographically, the territory of the Caucasus covers two regions separated by the Caucasus Mountains. With the dissolution of the USSR, these two regions started to be called as North Caucasus, which is one of the federal districts of the Russian Federation, and the Southern Caucasus comprising Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia. The countries of Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia, which are generally considered as comprising the South Caucasus region, gained their independence following the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991. Since The North Caucasus is already a federal district of the Russian Federation and due to difficulties in reaching comparable data about the region in question, the North Caucasus was excluded from this study. Therefore, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia, which comprise the South Caucasus, and Turkey form the field of research. Turkey has land borders with all of the three countries.

             The purpose of the study is to discuss the potential of regional economic cooperation by examining the trade relations between Turkey and the Southern Caucasian Countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia). For this purpose, firstly, the macroeconomic performances of Turkey and three of the countries that comprise the South Caucasus were discussed. Then, trade relations of the countries in question with Turkey were scrutinized with the help of the import and export variables. Finally, the current economic and trade relations between Turkey and these countries were put forward in terms of forest products trade.

Keywords: Southern Caucasian Countries, Turkey, Trade, Forest Products Trade.