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He was born in Istanbul. He completed his primary school education in Sarıyer Primary School, secondary and high school education in Beşiktaş Atatürk Anatolian High School. He completed his undergraduate education at Istanbul University, Faculty of Letters, Department of Philosophy. He completed his master's degree at Istanbul University, Institute of Social Sciences, Department of Philosophy in 2008 with a thesis on "John Dewey's Educational Philosophy" in 2008. took.

In December 2006, he started to work as a Research Assistant at Istanbul University Hasan Ali Yücel Faculty of Education, Department of Classroom Teaching. He was appointed as Assistant Professor in the same department in 2016. Since 2018, Dr. Lecturer He is serving as a member. His research area is educational philosophy, especially the constructivist approach to education.

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Hasan Ali Yucel Faculty of Education
Department of Basic Education
Department of Education Class


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