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Dr. Ufuk Çakatay is a senior scientist at the Department of Medical Biochemistry, Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine, Istanbul University. Previously, he worked as an Associate Professor at the Central Laboratory of Clinical Biochemistry, Istanbul Faculty of Medicine. His research interests include the optimization of various bioanalytical methods for measuring the levels of redox status biomarkers in aging tissues, anti-aging interventions, establishment experimental animal models for aging studies, and redoxtasis in age-related disorders. He has a long-standing interest in oxidative protein damage and proteostasis biomarkers. Professor Çakatay has authored more than 100 publications in several leading journals, which include research papers, book chapters, editorials and invited reviews on free radical biology, aging, diabetes, and biological activity of alpha-lipoic acid. He has served as a guest editor, referee or member of the editorial board for more than 50 journals. He has received various prestigious awards such as the top reviewer award from Elsevier Science Publishing (2008) and previously served as a committee member in Istanbul University’s Committee on Animal Research and Ethics. 

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